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Former NRL player Junior Amone faced a setback as his attempt to overturn a conviction linked to a rooftop hammer attack was dismissed by Judge William Fitzsimmons. This ruling has cast a shadow over Amone’s hopes of returning to the NRL, leaving his playing career uncertain.

The incident, which took place outside Amone’s family home in Warrawong, involved a confrontation with tradesmen that escalated into a violent altercation. Despite efforts to challenge the credibility of witnesses and assert innocence, the judge found the evidence against Amone to be compelling and unaffected by external influences.

Following the conviction, Amone’s lucrative NRL contract was terminated, and his father, Talatau Amone, received a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for his involvement in the incident. Despite these challenges, Amone’s legal team is exploring options to potentially reduce his sentence and seek alternative forms of supervision that could pave the way for a return to the rugby field.

As the legal proceedings continue, Junior Amone finds himself at a critical juncture, with his future in professional rugby hanging in the balance.


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Article Title: Ex-NRL playmaker Junior Amone fails to overturn hammer attack conviction
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