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A recent case at the ACT Civil Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) saw a tenant facing termination of tenancy due to breaching the Residential Tenancies Act. The tenant had subleased her apartment on and kept possibly four to five cats without obtaining permission from the landlord, who had a severe allergy to cat hair. The landlord, upon discovering these breaches, requested the tenant to vacate the rental property.

Despite being notified of the breaches and given a chance to rectify the situation, the tenant failed to do so in a timely manner. The tribunal reviewed evidence, including photographs and witness statements, which indicated the presence of cats in the apartment without proper authorization.

Medical evidence presented during the case highlighted the landlord’s serious allergies to cat and horse hair, further solidifying the reason for requesting the removal of the unauthorized pets from the premises. The tenant’s attempts to prove her innocence in subleasing the apartment and owning the cats were unsuccessful, leading to the tribunal ruling in favor of the landlord.

This case serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to tenancy agreements and seeking permission for any significant changes to the rental property. Failure to do so can result in legal consequences, such as termination of tenancy, as seen in this particular dispute.


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Article Title: Canberra woman ordered to leave rental for subletting room on and keeping up to five cats without permission
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