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Television personality Lisa Wilkinson is pursuing $18 million from her employer, Network 10, to cover the legal costs she incurred during Bruce Lehrmann’s failed defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit was dismissed by Justice Michael Lee, who ruled against Lehrmann’s claims related to comments Wilkinson made about Brittany Higgins’ rape case in Parliament House.

Wilkinson’s legal team has requested an indemnity of $1,815,000 from Network 10 in court, seeking reimbursement for the expenses accumulated throughout the protracted legal battle. The case has sparked disputes over the legal costs, with Wilkinson’s lawyers advocating for Network 10 to acknowledge and pay a reasonable amount.

As the legal wrangling continues, the outcome of Wilkinson’s indemnity claim remains to be seen, highlighting the complex and often costly nature of high-profile defamation cases.


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Article Title: Lisa Wilkinson seeking $1.8m after Lehrmann legal battle
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