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The Western Australian government is taking bold steps to enhance public safety with the introduction of new knife laws. Under these measures, officers will have the authority to scan individuals in public places using hand-held metal detectors, even without suspicion of carrying a weapon.

These scans will be conducted in designated Knife Wanding Areas (KWAs), established in specific locations to facilitate the detection of hidden knives. The initiative draws inspiration from Queensland’s Jacks Law, implemented following the tragic stabbing of 17-year-old Jack Beasley in 2019.

The crackdown aims to deter individuals from carrying knives unlawfully by imposing strict penalties for resistance and illegal possession. However, concerns have been raised regarding potential racial profiling and the impact on marginalized groups.

While data on knife-related crimes in Western Australia shows mixed trends, efforts will be made to monitor the law’s impact through annual reporting. By prioritizing public safety and implementing proactive measures, the government hopes to create safer environments for all citizens.

As the implementation of these laws progresses, ongoing dialogue and collaboration between authorities and community stakeholders will be crucial to ensure fairness, accountability, and effectiveness.


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Article Title: WA to get Australia’s toughest knife laws, inspired by Queensland’s ‘Jack’s Law’
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