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A 38-year-old man in New South Wales has been apprehended following accusations of being a prominent creator of disgusting bestiality content online under the moniker “Beast Boy.” The arrest took place at a residence in Moorland, located north of Taree, after an investigation into the online persona that led to the man’s identification.

According to authorities, the individual is believed to have utilized encrypted messaging applications to distribute repugnant bestiality material involving various animals like dogs, sheep, goats, chickens, and even a deceased kangaroo. The man faces multiple charges including bestiality, production of bestiality material, dissemination of such material, as well as accessing and soliciting child abuse content.

During the arrest, law enforcement officers confiscated several electronic devices and hard drives, which will undergo thorough examination for potential evidence. The accused was denied bail and is scheduled to appear before Taree Local Court for legal proceedings. Police have indicated that additional charges are likely as the investigation unfolds.


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Article Title: Alleged animal abuser ‘Beast Boy’ arrested at NSW home
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