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Manoa Sinamoni finds himself in the NSW Supreme Court after an incident where he chased two teens after an arson attempt on his house. The defense argues that Sinamoni’s actions, including using a machete in self-defense, were justified given the circumstances. The confrontation escalated to a car crash, where one of the teens attacked Sinamoni with the machete, leading him to defend himself.

The defense presents the case as a vigilante response from Sinamoni, stating that he and his family were targeted by the teens for harassment. Sinamoni’s pursuit of the teens ended in a collision, where he was allegedly attacked with the machete before disarming the teenager and taking possession of the weapon.

Sinamoni has been granted bail under strict conditions, with his next court appearance scheduled for June 6. The court proceedings will focus on determining whether Sinamoni’s actions were reasonable in the context of defending his home against the arson attempt.


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Article Title: Dad’s machete attack a ‘vigilante’ response to house fire, court told
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