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A Melbourne businessman, Robin James Taylor, was arrested following allegations of selling steroids and prescription medication without proper authorization. The police operation led to the seizure of luxury cars, cash, and property valued at approximately $4 million. The clinic owned by Taylor in Moonee Ponds was reportedly involved in the unauthorized sale of prescription drugs, using a blank signed prescription pad to conduct transactions.

Taylor appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court facing charges that included drug trafficking and dealing with proceeds of crime. Investigations uncovered a significant amount of illegal activity, with police alleging that the clinic was generating substantial financial gains through these illicit practices.

The case has brought to light the extent of the alleged criminal activities, with assets seized including high-end vehicles like Lamborghinis and Porsches, cash amounting to $700,000, and luxury items such as a Louis Vuitton dining set. The prosecution outlined Taylor’s history of similar offenses and presented evidence indicating substantial weekly earnings from the business.

As the legal proceedings continue, Taylor’s wife offered $1 million in home equity as bail surety. However, the presiding magistrate denied bail, and Taylor is set to return to court in June to face the charges brought against him.


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Article Title: Businessman accused of trafficking steroids as police seize luxury cars and cash in Melbourne
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