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Nathan Michael Green has pleaded not guilty to charges of threatening to kill two women in Tasmania, although he has admitted to breaching bail conditions. In a surprising turn, Green expressed a desire for more jail time during the proceedings.

Green is currently under a high-risk offender order, which grants police enhanced powers to monitor his activities closely. This order comes in response to his history of breaching conditions and engaging in threatening behavior.

The case against Green includes multiple charges related to his repeated breaches of bail conditions and threats. His court appearances are scheduled in both the Hobart Magistrates Court and the Supreme Court, where these matters will be further examined.

As the legal process unfolds, authorities continue to keep a close watch on Green, ensuring that community safety remains a top priority given his high-risk status.


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Article Title: Man categorised as ‘high-risk offender’ pleads not guilty to threatening to murder two women in Tasmania
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