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Following the conclusion of the youth curfew in Alice Springs, the Northern Territory Chief Minister has announced that 25 police officers will be stationed in the area until the end of June. This decision comes as part of an effort to ensure continued support and safety in the region after the emergency measure, originally enacted due to a spike in violence, ends. The curfew, which allowed police to intervene with individuals under 18 in the CBD after 6 pm, will be replaced by the deployment of additional officers to maintain security.

In addition to the reinforcement of police presence, 10 South Australian police officers are set to arrive in Alice Springs on April 18 to provide further assistance. A community safety hub is also being established on the Todd Street Mall, and six specialist staff members from Territory Families will be stationed in the CBD to offer support. These measures aim to address concerns raised in a recent review of the NT Police Force, highlighting issues such as low morale and dissatisfaction within the organization.

The review further recommended recruiting 200 additional officers and establishing two new remote police stations annually to meet growing demands. Moreover, ongoing investigations into allegations of racism within the NT Police Force underscore the importance of addressing internal culture issues. With these initiatives and deployments, authorities are working towards enhancing safety and security in Alice Springs and beyond.


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Article Title: NT Police to send 25 extra officers to Alice Springs after youth curfew ends
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