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Amidst the launch of an advertising campaign by the New South Wales Minns government to raise awareness about coercive control in domestic violence, Greens MP Abigail Boyd criticized the initiative for its failure in funding frontline services. The campaign aims to educate the public on recognizing signs of coercive control and emphasize that such behavior is unacceptable.

The NSW government’s step to roll out the educational campaign faced backlash as Boyd accused the government of neglecting essential funding for frontline services, highlighting a significant gap in supporting victim-survivors. The campaign, with the tagline “It’s not love, it’s coercive control,” seeks to shed light on the pattern of abuse and educate individuals on identifying coercive behaviors within relationships.

However, concerns were raised regarding the planned legislation criminalizing coercive control. Domestic Violence NSW emphasized the need for a substantial funding boost of $145 million to support domestic violence services. The government, in response to these demands, is exploring options for additional funding in the upcoming budget to tackle domestic violence effectively.


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Article Title: Coercive control ad campaign launched NSW government criticised for doing too little as services plead for more funding
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