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In a harrowing turn of events, Manly Sea Eagles player Keith Titmuss tragically passed away after suffering seizures following a cardio workout at the club’s base in Narrabeen. The response from veteran paramedics was described as chaotic and extremely challenging as they rushed to help the young forward.

Amidst the chaos, paramedics focused on controlling Titmuss’s seizures and managing his condition in a hot and oppressive environment. The practicality of using ice to cool him was questioned due to the uncontrollable movements caused by the seizures.

Experts and witnesses lauded the efforts of the paramedics, describing their actions as valiant and a last-ditch attempt to save the 20-year-old. Lessons learned from this tragic incident emphasized the need for better recognition of symptoms of exertional heat exhaustion, especially in sports environments.

The paramedics’ prioritization of seizure control and airway management in a challenging setting showcases their dedication to providing care in the face of adversity. The tragic loss of Keith Titmuss serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of swift and effective emergency response in such critical situations.


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Article Title: Paramedics called to give evidence over Keith Titmuss’ death
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