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A childcare center in Perth faced a hefty fine of $24,500 for an incident where a two-year-old child was discovered unattended outside on a scorching day. The young child was found distressed and sweaty in a secluded area of the playground after being left alone for more than an hour while other children were indoors napping. The mishap was attributed to a breakdown in communication and a lack of established supervision protocols among the staff.

Following the incident, it was revealed that a new staff member, who had only been with the center for two weeks at the time, had not been briefed on the supervision plan or procedures for checking the outdoor area before leaving it unattended. Typically, staff members were required to conduct headcounts every 30 minutes, a protocol that was overlooked on the day of the incident.

In response to these shortcomings, the childcare center swiftly updated its supervision policy to ensure that all staff, especially new members, were thoroughly trained on appropriate procedures in the absence of senior educators. This adjustment aimed at preventing similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Phil Payne, the Department of Communities Regulation and Quality executive director, highlighted the significance of active supervision and regular headcounts, particularly during transition periods, to guarantee adequate care and protection for all children under childcare providers’ supervision. Moving forward, the department remains committed to collaborating with education and care providers to implement effective measures that support staff in delivering high-quality supervision for children in their care.


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Article Title: Childcare centre fined $24,500 for leaving 2-year old outside unsupervised on hot day
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