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A Perth tradesman, Ryan Ashley Darken, has confessed to the disturbing kidnapping of a nine-year-old girl on her way to school. Darken enticed the young girl into his ute, where he later left her outside an IGA supermarket with her hands tied using cable ties. The incident was reported by a vigilant parent, leading to the girl’s distressing discovery at a shopping center miles away. Following his arrest, Darken faced charges including detaining with intent to harm, assault, and making threats.

Reportedly, Darken’s legal proceedings have been prolonged due to his need for multiple appointments with a forensic psychiatrist. This delay is attributed to Darken’s functional impairment resulting from a childhood head injury sustained in a car accident. The case is scheduled for a mention hearing on August 30, with the sentencing now slated for October. This unsettling incident has shocked many and highlights the importance of ensuring justice and appropriate sentencing in such cases.


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Article Title: Tradie Ryan Ashley Darken kidnapped young girl on way to school, cable tied hands
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