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Arson detectives in Sydney’s west have recently released CCTV footage showcasing a deliberate house fire that left two individuals injured. The video reveals two unidentified figures, hooded and carrying red containers, setting fire to a house in Fairfield West before fleeing the scene in a white Honda HR-V. The victims, a 28-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman, were awakened by the blaze and managed to escape the burning property, although they suffered from second- and third-degree burns to their hands and lower bodies. Fortunately, both have been discharged from the hospital following treatment.

Authorities suspect that the fire was intentionally started, with police suggesting that the victims may have been targeted due to mistaken identity. The incident occurred on Saturday, March 23, on King Street, with firefighters responding to the scene at around 2 am. Despite their efforts to extinguish the blaze, the property was destroyed in the fire. The New South Wales police force is now seeking public assistance to identify the perpetrators involved in this disturbing act of arson.


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Article Title: Police release CCTV of Sydney house allegedly being set on fire ‘in a case of mistaken identity’
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