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Detectives are on the hunt for approximately 50 individuals believed to be involved in a riot outside Bishop Mar Mari Emanuel’s church. The confrontation, which took place outside Christ The Good Shepherd Church, saw a clash between a 2000-strong crowd and specialist law enforcement officers. The altercation resulted in damaged vehicles and injuries to police personnel.

Up to this point, three men have been apprehended in connection to the riot, with authorities releasing images of 12 individuals believed to be key instigators. NSW Police are employing various resources, including video footage, body-worn cameras, and social media, to identify and locate suspects involved in the violent event.

Law enforcement officials are seeking public cooperation in identifying the individuals involved in the disturbance. With a focus on finding those responsible for the chaos, police are asking for assistance from community members who may have pertinent information regarding the incident.


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Article Title: Police search for 50 people, 12 ‘main aggressors’ over church riot
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