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In a series of operations along the Hume Highway, police in New South Wales seized more than 20,000 vapes with an estimated street value exceeding $717,500. The seizures occurred during three separate incidents, leading to multiple arrests and charges.

Among those charged were a 52-year-old individual, a 23-year-old, and two Chinese nationals aged 42 and 29. They face various charges, including possessing goods unlawfully and dealing with the proceeds of crime. These individuals are set to appear in court on August 16, with some having already faced preliminary hearings the following day.

The significant haul of illicit vapes highlights ongoing efforts by New South Wales authorities to curb the illegal distribution of such products. The operations underscore the vigilance and commitment of law enforcement in addressing this growing concern.


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Article Title: Police seize more than 20,000 vapes in random vehicle stops along the same road
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