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In a surprising turn of events, the Youth Justice Reform Committee tasked with examining youth justice issues in Queensland has been dissolved after failing to reach an agreement on an interim report. The disbandment came during a heated evening sitting of the Queensland parliament, where tensions between Labor and LNP committee members reached a breaking point.

Chaired by Independent MP Sandy Bolton, the Youth Justice Reform Select Committee had been diligently investigating ongoing reforms in the youth justice system and working to support victims of crime. Despite six months of efforts, including numerous meetings, public hearings, and site visits, the committee members could not find common ground on key recommendations for an interim report.

The breakdown in discussions stemmed from disagreements over handling victims of crime issues and accusations of political agendas interfering with the committee’s work. Both Labor and LNP members were at odds, leading to the abrupt dissolution of the committee. This decision marked a stark contrast to the committee’s original bipartisan approach when it was formed in October.

Efforts to extend deadlines and allow more time for consideration of the interim report were made, but ultimately, the committee’s inability to reconcile differences resulted in its dissolution. The disbandment highlights the challenges faced in addressing complex issues such as youth justice reform amidst political divides.


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Article Title: Bipartisan parliamentary committee tasked with tackling youth crime, supporting victims is dissolved
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