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A recent proposed class action settlement in Australia aims to provide compensation for women who have encountered post-breast augmentation surgery complications at The Cosmetic Institute. The lawsuit, initiated in 2017 by patients in New South Wales and Queensland, alleges that the negligence of the company’s surgeons and staff resulted in distressing health issues for the affected individuals.

The settlement amount, totaling $25 million, includes provisions to address the concerns raised by the plaintiffs. Of this sum, $2.8 million is designated for the 12 lead plaintiffs who spearheaded the case. Additionally, funds will be allocated to cover legal expenses, future costs, and compensation for other women affected by the alleged negligence.

It is important to note that the proposed settlement does not involve an admission of liability by The Cosmetic Institute or its former employees. The court is scheduled to evaluate objections and assess the fairness of the settlement during a two-day hearing on 13 May. Ultimately, a judge will determine whether to approve the deal, which seeks to provide redress to those impacted by the reported complications.


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Article Title: Breast augmentation class action against Sydney clinic on verge of $25m settlement
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