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Qatar Airways recently avoided a lawsuit in Australia following an incident at Doha airport where five Australian women were forcibly removed from a plane in Doha. Despite the court dismissing the case against the airline, the women have been granted the opportunity to refile their claims against Qatar Airways-owned subsidiary, Matar, and Qatar Civil Aviation Authority.

The women’s legal action stemmed from an October 2020 incident at Doha airport, where they were subjected to extensive examinations and alleged mistreatment by airport personnel. While the court found Qatar Airways not liable, it did acknowledge grounds for negligence, vicarious liability, assault, and false imprisonment against Matar, leaving the door open for further legal action.

The proceedings continue, with a case management hearing scheduled for May 10th. The women remain resolute in their pursuit of justice, represented by Marque Lawyers. The outcome of this case will shed light on the responsibilities and liabilities of airport operators and their contractors in ensuring passenger safety and well-being.


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Article Title: Qatar Airways avoids lawsuit over treatment of Australian women at Doha airport
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