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A 46-year-old female employee of the Queensland road policing command has been suspended and is facing criminal charges for allegedly selling the personal information of a domestic violence victim. The domestic violence victim’s data was sold to their former partner, who subsequently faced accusations of stalking.

The Queensland police service has confirmed that the employee accessed information on their system between 2021 and 2023 and shared it with a domestic violence respondent, leading to the victim being stalked. It is reported that the respondent paid the employee for this sensitive information.

This incident is emblematic of the ongoing cultural issues within the Queensland police service, particularly concerning the treatment of domestic violence victims. Similar cases in the past, such as that involving Neil Punchard, have also highlighted problems within the system in handling such sensitive matters.

Victims like Julie have had to fight for justice and compensation after facing challenges with law enforcement. The case underscores the need for continued efforts to address cultural issues and improve the protection of domestic violence victims within the Queensland police service.


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Article Title: Queensland police employee accused of selling domestic violence victim’s personal information to ex-partner
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