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Queensland has launched an innovative on-country trial program in Townsville to tackle youth crime issues effectively. This program focuses on providing culturally sensitive interventions and rehabilitation for First Nations young people facing challenges with offending behavior.

The initiative involves relocating young offenders to designated facilities in remote locations, where they will engage in vocational work and rehabilitation activities for a period of at least six to 12 months. The move has garnered support from the Katters Australian Party and local communities, emphasizing the need for mandatory participation and transparency to ensure the program’s success.

Former youth justice program manager Karl Howard stressed the significance of legal mandates, remote locations, and information sharing to maximize the program’s impact. He highlighted that transparency and accountability are crucial elements for the program to effectively address youth crime issues in Queensland.

This new on-country trial program is a step towards creating a more structured and culturally informed approach to youth justice, aiming to provide young offenders with the necessary support and resources to redirect their paths and build a positive future.


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Article Title: Queensland government to trial relocation sentencing instead of juvenile detention for youth crime
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