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In a significant development for Queensland residents, new housing law reforms have granted body corporates the authority to prohibit smoking on balconies and in shared outdoor spaces. These sweeping reforms aim to safeguard residents from second-hand smoke exposure and ensure a healthier living environment in residential areas. Moreover, body corporates now have expanded powers to create by-laws that protect the well-being of residents, including the ability to tow vehicles from common property.

Additionally, the reforms bring positive changes for pet owners in apartment complexes by rejecting blanket bans on pets and requiring stringent proof of any potential health and safety risks posed by pets before implementing any by-laws. This move is a step towards making it easier for apartment dwellers to keep their beloved pets while residing in communal spaces.

The government’s focus on housing law reforms is part of a broader strategy to address the ongoing housing crisis in Queensland. By strengthening rights for residents and providing more certainty for land buyers, these reforms seek to create a safer and more secure housing environment for all Queenslanders.


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Article Title: Queensland laws crack down on outdoor smoking in apartments
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