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Several Queensland police officers are facing repercussions following their involvement in inappropriate social media posts. One officer lost an acting inspector position, while others received formal guidance after engaging with lewd and offensive content. The investigation, conducted by Guardian Australia, uncovered disturbing behavior by high-ranking members of the Queensland police service.

The officers in question were found to have publicly shared and commented on vulgar social media posts, including jokes about sexual assault, pornography, masturbation, and other offensive topics. The inappropriate engagement on social media led to Det Insp Michael Jones being moved from his role in the QPS child abuse and sexual crime group, as partner agencies refused to collaborate with him following the revelations.

In response to the investigation’s findings, the Queensland police spokesperson emphasized the importance of professional conduct and adherence to organizational values and social media policies. Officers were reminded of their supervisory responsibilities for women in the workforce and the expected standards of behavior in the workplace.

The incidents serve as a reminder of the significance of upholding professional conduct, especially in the age of social media where actions can have far-reaching consequences. It underscores the need for all members of the Queensland police service to align with the highest standards of workplace behavior and ethical conduct.


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Article Title: Queensland police officers face fallout after engaging with offensive social media posts
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