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A recent incident in Perth has led to a real estate agency being fined $7000 for selling the wrong property to a buyer. The error came to light when the buyer discovered discrepancies in the lot number on their first home owners grant application compared to official records. The mix-up was traced back to conflicting street addresses on certificates of title and strata plan for two adjacent lots in Camillo.

The State Administrative Tribunal took action against the agency, John O’Neil & Son, for breaching the Real Estate and Business Agents and Sales Representatives Code of Conduct. The tribunal found that the agency failed to exercise due care, diligence, and skill while preparing the sales agreement, resulting in the incorrect property being sold.

Consumer Protection commissioner, Trish Blake, expressed disappointment over the oversight, emphasizing that such mistakes are unacceptable and violate laws in place to safeguard real estate transactions in Western Australia. Blake stressed the importance of real estate agents implementing proper procedures to prevent such errors from occurring in the future.

Buyers were advised to take precautions by verifying property information with their agent before signing any legally binding contracts. This incident serves as a reminder of the critical role agents play in ensuring transparent and accurate property transactions for both buyers and sellers.


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Article Title: Real estate agent fined for selling the wrong property to buyer
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