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Advocates for domestic violence victims in New South Wales are urgently pushing for changes in the bail laws following the tragic case of Molly Ticehurst, who was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Billings. Despite police prosecutors expressing serious concerns about Billings’ violent behavior towards Ticehurst, he was granted bail, highlighting flaws in the current legal system.

The inability of prosecutors to challenge dangerous bail decisions immediately due to existing laws has sparked outrage among domestic violence advocates and legal experts. They argue that urgent changes are needed to better protect victims like Molly Ticehurst and prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

Critics point out that the current bail laws prioritize the rights of offenders over the safety of victims, creating barriers to justice for those experiencing domestic and sexual violence. There are calls for reforms to ensure that the system safeguards victims and survivors, rather than leaving them vulnerable to further harm.

In response to public outcry over Molly Ticehurst’s case, the State Government has indicated a willingness to review and potentially reform the bail laws in NSW. This development signals a potential shift towards a legal framework that better addresses the needs and safety of individuals impacted by domestic violence.


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Article Title: Domestic violence advocates and legal experts back change to NSW bail laws to protect lives after Molly Ticehurst’s alleged murder
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