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A recent report by the National School Resourcing Board has unveiled a concerning $13 billion shortfall in funding for Australian public schools over the next decade. The report sheds light on how states and territories are utilizing accounting tricks and loopholes in upcoming funding agreements to divert funds away from public schools, leading to significant underfunding in the education sector.

Key points from the report highlight that several states, including New South Wales and Victoria, are falling short on funding for public schools. New South Wales alone faces a loss of $613 million, with Victoria and Queensland following behind. Despite commitments to reach funding targets, some states are resorting to these loopholes rather than adequately funding public education.

The report also reveals that the Northern Territory is notably underfunding its public schools, contributing only 56.5% of the required funds. While some jurisdictions have made agreements to fully fund public schools, others are being urged to increase their contributions to meet the necessary funding standards.

This report underscores the importance of addressing these funding gaps and ensuring that all Australian public schools receive the necessary financial support for quality education.


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Article Title: Scott Morrison-era ‘accounting tricks’ to cost public schools $13bn over next five years
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