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A school bus driver in Melbourne vividly recounted the harrowing moments following a crash involving a bus carrying 45 primary school students. The incident occurred when the bus was struck from behind by a truck while attempting to turn at an intersection in Melbourne’s west. The crash resulted in a range of injuries among the students, from minor scratches to life-threatening conditions and amputations.

During the court hearing, the bus driver shared his experience of slowing down at the intersection but not remembering if he made a complete stop. He described the chaotic scene with energetic students on board, hearing a sudden impact and glass shattering as the bus was hit. Despite sustaining injuries himself, the driver showed remarkable courage by immediately assisting in the evacuation of students through the emergency hatch.

The truck driver involved in the collision mentioned a possible issue with visibility, attributing it to a sun flicker. However, witnesses including another driver behind the truck did not report experiencing such visibility problems on that sunny afternoon. The case is now in a committal hearing to determine whether the truck driver will face trial on charges related to dangerous driving causing serious injuries.

As the legal proceedings continue, the community awaits further updates on this tragic incident that shook families and authorities alike in Melbourne’s west.


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Article Title: Exford School bus crash: Driver details efforts to help students as Jamie Gleeson faces court
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