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Senator Dorinda Cox has voiced criticism against the WA Police for their alleged aggressive handling of a pro-Palestine protest outside Perth’s Crown Casino. The demonstration, which involved around 50 people, was organized to oppose the government’s support of Israel following the recent Gaza conflict.

During the protest, Senator Cox expressed disappointment in the police’s approach, describing it as unnecessary and aggressive. The protesters aimed to peacefully demonstrate their opposition but were reportedly met with force and intimidation by the authorities.

Senator Cox plans to review footage of the incident to assess the police’s response and determine whether to file a formal complaint. She highlighted the importance of upholding democracy and the right to protest peacefully, emphasizing that such actions are fundamental human rights in Australia.

The incident has sparked outrage among activists, with one Students for Palestine member expressing fury at the police’s handling of the peaceful protest. As the investigation unfolds, concerns about police conduct and the right to protest are at the forefront of public discourse.


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Article Title: Senator ‘manhandled’ by police mid-speech at Crown Casino Perth where the PM was speaking
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