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A group of self-proclaimed sovereign citizens in Australia, led by Rocco Varty, has been making headlines with their bold actions. Operating under the banner “Nmdaka Dalai Australis,” the group claims to represent traditional Aboriginal owners and has taken to entering council offices in western Sydney to distribute “cease and desist” notices.

Varty and his followers challenge the legitimacy of the Australian government and its institutions, proclaiming the establishment of a “demilitarised zone” and demanding the removal of foreign military forces. The group also accuses the government of committing crimes against humanity.

The activists have been visiting various council offices, handing out documents and insisting that council workers acknowledge receipt on company letterheads. Their unconventional approach has extended beyond western Sydney, targeting other councils in the city and even reaching as far as Gympie, Queensland.

Reactions to their actions have been mixed, with some commenters mocking the group’s statements and proclamations. Nonetheless, their activities represent a pseudo-legal challenge to the authorities, raising questions about the boundaries of legal and civic discourse.


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Article Title: Sovereign citizens issue ‘demilitarised zone’ proclamation to Sydney councils
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