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Stephen Pokrywka, a 55-year-old man who has lived in Australia since the age of 12, is facing imminent deportation to the UK after being convicted of drug-related offenses. Despite his long-term residence in Australia, he never acquired citizenship, leaving him vulnerable under the country’s strict migration laws.

Pokrywka, a father of six and grandfather of ten, has exhausted all avenues for appeal and intervention. His family is devastated by the prospect of his deportation, particularly his youngest daughter, who fears the separation from her father. The looming deportation has sparked calls from advocates for reform of Australia’s migration laws, arguing that deportations on character grounds should not result in the separation of families.

While Stephen remains hopeful that support from his family and community might provide a chance to stay, the reality of his situation paints a grim picture of the consequences of Australia’s current migration policies.


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Article Title: Stephen Pokrywka moved to Australia when he was 12, but now faces imminent deportation
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