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The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has terminated a longstanding policy permitting Chinese police to operate within Australia, following a 2019 incident revealed by the ABC’s Four Corners program. This decision was prompted by increasing concerns about foreign interference threats.

The 2019 incident, while involving Chinese officers, was largely seen by the AFP as having followed established protocols. Nonetheless, the overall threat of foreign interference led to the policy’s discontinuation. Despite this, the AFP maintains that cooperation with Chinese police remains essential for certain operations.

Additionally, the AFP disrupted a spying network in Sydney targeting Australians last year. Ongoing investigations include a case involving Chinese dissident Edwin Yin. These actions highlight the complexities of balancing international cooperation with safeguarding national security.

Renewed agreements with Chinese authorities suggest continued collaboration, despite historical concerns about transparency and the potential misuse of such agreements.


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Article Title: AFP stopped allowing Chinese police to operate in Australia over foreign interference concerns, Senate hearing told
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