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A recent scandal has emerged at Cranbrook School, where a teacher is alleged to have sent sexually explicit messages to former female students, resulting in a ban from working in New South Wales schools. The accused teacher’s accreditation has been suspended, and an interim bar has been placed on their ability to work with children. The situation took a significant toll on the school’s headmaster, Nicholas Sampson, who was forced to resign following his handling of the matter.

The controversy deepened as a second former student and a male teacher also came forward with similar allegations against the accused teacher. As investigations unfold, the school faces scrutiny, with a whistleblowing hotline established for reporting concerns within the school community.

The incident has sparked discussions around child safety and the responsibility of educators to uphold ethical standards and protect students. The school is currently under review, with measures being taken to address the serious concerns raised by past and present members of the community.

In light of these events, the school council emphasized its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all students and staff members. The establishment of a whistleblowing hotline aims to encourage transparency and accountability within the school environment, fostering a culture of integrity and honesty among all individuals associated with Cranbrook School.


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Article Title: Cranbrook teacher who allegedly sent sexually explicit emails banned from teaching in NSW schools
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