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Abuzar Sultani led a tight-knit criminal gang known as “Murder Crew 13,” where members operated under strict discipline and loyalty, forming a bond likened to a family. The gang’s activities were centered around engaging in criminal acts, including high-profile murders orchestrated by Sultani.

Key members of the gang, including Siar Munshizada, Joshua Baines, and Mirwais Danishyar, were convicted for their roles in these murders, highlighting the group’s involvement in serious criminal activities. Sultani’s meticulous approach to eliminating gangland rivals ensured that they remained behind bars, unable to be released from jail.

Under Sultani’s control, the gang operated with precision, engaging in various criminal activities such as drug supply, selling weapons, and meticulously planning and executing murders. Members of the gang lived together, further solidifying their bond and facilitating their criminal operations.

The operations of the Murder Crew 13 shed light on the dark world of organized crime, where loyalty and discipline are paramount, and violence is used as a tool to maintain power and control within the criminal underworld.


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Article Title: Secret hitman Abuzar Sultani’s ‘murder crew’
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