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Collin Wasson, a school bus driver, has been banned for life from greyhound racing after admitting to arranging the deaths of four of his racing dogs. Wasson pleaded guilty to 16 offenses at the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GIWC), which resulted in his lifetime ban from the sport.

The investigation revealed that Wasson had arranged for a third party to euthanize the greyhounds. Additionally, he attempted to mislead investigators and failed to notify the commission of the dogs’ deaths. These actions were serious breaches of the welfare regulations governing greyhound racing.

The GIWC is continuing to investigate the case and is considering potential criminal charges against Wasson. This case underscores the importance of animal welfare in the racing industry and the severe consequences for those who violate these standards.


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Article Title: Grim truth behind emoji greyhound pic as school bus driver is banned from owning the dogs
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