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A Perth woman named Phillipa Ann Ives recently faced legal consequences for impersonating a real estate agent without the necessary qualifications. She unlawfully collected money from clients, failing to fulfill her obligations in managing a property in Butler, a suburb in Perth’s north. The Joondalup Magistrates Court fined Ives over $11,320 and ordered her to pay costs for her actions.

Ives’ case serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with dealing with unlicensed professionals in the real estate industry. By misrepresenting herself as a real estate agent, Ives not only breached the law but also jeopardized the trust and security of tenants and landlords involved in the property management agreement.

Consumer Protection commissioner Trish Blake emphasized the importance of only engaging with licensed real estate professionals to safeguard consumer interests. This incident underscores the necessity for vigilance and reporting any suspicions of unlicensed operators to protect against financial risks and legal violations in property dealings.


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Article Title: Unlicensed real estate agent exposed by Consumer Protection after she stops paying rental income
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