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In a significant legal development, a federal appeals court has rejected former President Donald Trump’s assertion of immunity from prosecution concerning his actions during his presidency. The ruling clarifies that executive immunity does not shield Trump from facing criminal charges once he has left the presidency.

Following the court’s decision, a spokesperson for Trump’s campaign expressed apprehension about the potential impact on the functioning of the presidency, highlighting concerns about the broader implications of the ruling.

Trump is currently confronted with a total of 91 criminal counts across four separate cases, with allegations including attempts to interfere with the 2020 election results. This legal battle adds to the complexity of Trump’s post-presidential endeavors.

To allow for further legal proceedings, the case has been paused until at least February 12, affording Trump the opportunity to appeal to the US Supreme Court in an attempt to challenge the recent ruling. This pause sets the stage for continued legal wrangling and scrutiny over Trump’s past actions and potential consequences.


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