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Victoria’s Liberal opposition leader, John Pesutto, is embroiled in a legal battle as he faces three defamation cases related to his remarks following a contentious rally in Melbourne. The cases involve accusations from Moira Deeming, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (Posie Parker), and Angela Jones, claiming that Pesutto’s statements connected them to far-right extremists, tarnishing their reputations.

The trial, scheduled to commence on September 18 under the oversight of Justice Michael Wheelahan, will delve into the allegations and defenses put forth by the involved parties. Pesutto has asserted legal defenses, including honest opinion and public interest, in response to the claims made against him.

The origins of these cases trace back to the “Let Women Speak” tour organized by Keen-Minshull and Jones, which sparked a series of events leading to the current legal proceedings. The plaintiffs have refuted the alleged connections to far-right extremism, setting the stage for a complex legal battle that is expected to unfold in the coming months.


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Article Title: John Pesutto: Victorian Liberal leader to fight three defamation cases at trial
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