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Townsville police have issued a warning to residents following a series of violent carjackings at knifepoint perpetrated by a group of juvenile offenders. The incidents involved the offenders using knives to cut seatbelts of drivers stopped at traffic lights in various suburbs such as Pimlico, Vincent, and Aitkenvale.

Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Fred Starr expressed concern over the brazen nature of the crimes and urged the public to remain vigilant. The police have already arrested a 13-year-old boy in connection with the incidents, but investigations are ongoing to identify and apprehend others involved in the crime spree.

These incidents have increased frustrations over rising crime levels in Townsville and Queensland, with political figures like Opposition leader David Crisafulli emphasizing the need for action to address youth crime issues. The Queensland government has responded by highlighting community safety plans and allocating additional funding for police and victim support services.

As tensions regarding youth crime persist, the police are conducting high visibility patrols and intelligence-led special operations in Townsville to disrupt and prevent further criminal activities. Residents are urged to take precautions, such as locking car doors, especially when stopped at traffic lights, to enhance their safety against potential threats.


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Article Title: Townsville police urge vigilance after young offenders carry out string of violent carjackings
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