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Alma Major, inspired by her childhood experiences, is making a meaningful impact by assisting Indigenous prisoners reintegrate into society through the Yeddung Mura’s Through Care program. Her work highlights the importance of providing support and alternatives for those leaving the justice system.

Former ACT chief police officer Neil Gaughan underscores the significance of focusing on children and young people to prevent intergenerational recidivism. His efforts aim to break the cycle and reduce repeat offending by offering necessary support, such as drug diversion programs, employment opportunities, and mental health assistance.

Pastor Priestley Obed from Yeddung Mura stresses the need to avoid judgment and enhance communication among government services to ensure successful reintegration of former detainees. By fostering understanding and collaboration, we can create a supportive environment for individuals seeking to rebuild their lives after incarceration.

Together, these initiatives aim to provide a pathway for former prisoners to make positive contributions to society, break free from the cycle of crime, and build a better future for themselves and their communities.


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Article Title: Former top cop says he failed to dissuade repeat offenders, but the ACT government claims things aren’t as bad as they seem
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