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Simon Monteiro, infamously known as the “playboy rapist,” appeared in court recently seeking to lift his extended supervision order. Monteiro, who was convicted of rape in 2009, argued that the supervision was overly intrusive and expressed significant distress over the ongoing monitoring. He even threatened self-harm if the order remained in place.

Additionally, Monteiro attempted to have his name suppressed from court records, a request that was firmly denied by the judge. The judge highlighted the extensive prior media coverage of Monteiro’s case as a key reason for rejecting the non-publication request.

Monteiro, who served a 12-year jail sentence for his crime, plans to appeal his original conviction. His appeal is scheduled for June 11, where he hopes to challenge the terms of his initial sentencing.


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Article Title: ‘Dead man’: ‘Playboy rapist‘s’ court whinge as he demands anonymity
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