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Amid the controversy surrounding Lisa Wilkinson’s Logies speech, a senior Network 10 lawyer has come forward to defend the legal advice provided to her. The lawyer argued that the advice given was not incorrect or inappropriate, despite Network 10’s reluctance to release the details of the advice, leading Wilkinson to express feeling abandoned by the company.

Wilkinson, known for her involvement in the Bruce Lehrmann case, is currently facing legal battles over defamation allegations related to her Logies speech. The situation has highlighted a rift between Wilkinson and Network 10, with Wilkinson feeling unsupported by the company as she navigates through the legal challenges.

The article sheds light on the complexities of the situation, where Wilkinson is caught between legal battles, media scrutiny, and her relationship with Network 10. The defence of the legal advice for her Logies speech and the criticism she faces regarding her involvement in the Lehrmann case add layers to the ongoing saga.

As the legal battles continue and Wilkinson’s professional reputation hangs in the balance, the article underscores the challenges faced by high-profile individuals in navigating complex legal and public relations issues.


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Article Title: Lisa Wilkinson’s battle with Network 10 over Bruce Lehrmann continues
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