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Residents in New South Wales’ northern rivers region are facing delays and concerns regarding the funding allocated for the Resilient Homes Program to elevate homes following a devastating flood disaster. The government, despite committing recovery funds, has spent less than expected, leaving a substantial shortfall in the resilient homes program.

The number of applicants for financial assistance has been revised downward, sparking renewed calls from locals for additional funding to address a $700 million deficit in the program. Concerns have been raised about the arbitrary nature of support offered, with assessments based on historical flood mapping rather than recent floods, leading to delays in providing much-needed assistance.

Despite hundreds of applications being submitted, only one homeowner has received funding to lift their house, highlighting the slow progress of the program. The NSW government has pledged funds for a “second instalment” of the program but has yet to formalize a request for additional support from the federal government.

As residents continue to grapple with the aftermath of the flood disaster, the need for swift and efficient assistance under the resilient homes program remains a pressing concern.


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Article Title: Only one person has received grant to elevate home two years after NSW northern rivers floods
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