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Former Australian Football League (AFL) player Sam Fisher has been handed a maximum five-year and four-month prison term after pleading guilty to six drug offenses, including trafficking methamphetamine and cocaine. Fisher’s drug use spiraled out of control following his retirement from football in 2016, leading to his arrest in May 2022 for trafficking drugs concealed inside a rangehood.

Despite facing challenges in finding consistent employment post-retirement, Fisher was involved in a drug trafficking operation that saw him moving narcotics from Melbourne to Western Australia. Judge Gerard Mullaly noted Fisher’s significant reform and deep remorse, acknowledging his progress since undergoing rehabilitation. Fisher is now actively mentoring others, demonstrating that there is a way out of addiction.

With support from the St Kilda Football Club and the AFL Players Association, Fisher has made strides in his recovery journey. The 41-year-old will spend at least three years behind bars before being eligible for parole, having already served 48 days of his sentence. This case serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of drug involvement and the consequences it can have, even for those who were once prominent figures in the sporting world.


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Article Title: Former AFL player Sam Fisher jailed for at least three years for drug trafficking
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