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Former reality TV star Stacey Lee Hampton, known for her appearance on Married At First Sight, has taken legal action against the Australian Federal Police (AFP) following a raid on her house in 2023. Hampton alleges that the search warrant used for the raid was too vague, leading to an abuse of power by the authorities. She expressed her concerns outside the Federal Court in Adelaide, emphasizing that the lack of clarity in the warrant made the raid unlawful.

The AFP has not provided any information to Hampton regarding the reasoning behind the raid, prompting her to seek clarification through legal proceedings. The court has scheduled dates for submissions and arguments, with a primary focus on July 31 for further developments in the case. Hampton remains adamant about pursuing damages from the government if she emerges victorious in the legal battle.

Despite not facing any charges or allegations of wrongdoing, Hampton views this legal challenge as a matter of principle. She highlighted the traumatic impact of the raid on her mental well-being, her children’s health, and her ability to work. Hampton’s determination to seek justice and hold accountable those responsible for the unjustified raid underscores her commitment to upholding her rights and seeking redress for the distress caused to her and her family.


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Article Title: Former MAFS star Stacey Hampton talks about Federal Court case in South Australia
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