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A legal dispute is unfolding in Canberra’s Supreme Court as Shane Drumgold challenges a report that raised criticisms of his conduct during Bruce Lehrmann’s rape trial. The inquiry, led by Walter Sofronoff, highlighted instances of misconduct on Drumgold’s part, such as losing objectivity and promoting false claims.

Drumgold’s legal team has alleged bias on the part of Sofronoff due to his interactions with a columnist from The Australian. They claim that these interactions may have influenced the inquiry’s findings, raising questions about the fairness of the process and potential prejudice against Drumgold.

As the court delves into the complexities of the case, it is closely examining whether bias tainted the inquiry’s conclusions and if Sofronoff’s actions were indeed prejudiced against Drumgold. This legal battle encompasses intricate arguments revolving around bias, media interactions, and the validity of the inquiry’s critical report.


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Article Title: ‘Drumgold’s claims of Lehrmann trial inquiry’s ‘bias’ disputed in court
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