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A 43-year-old man named David Maurice Wise has been sentenced to 12 months in jail for planting an explosive device outside a pro-Palestinian resident’s home in Sydney. Despite facing extensive mental health challenges, Wise pleaded guilty to charges that included creating false belief of danger and intimidation.

The homemade device, discovered in January in a car parked at the residence, displayed statements related to the Gaza conflict. While Wise’s defense highlighted his mental health issues, the court emphasized the severity of the offense due to concerns regarding community safety.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood acknowledged Wise’s mental health struggles, including persecutory delusions, but noted that the impact on community safety was paramount. The incident had lasting effects on the victims, with relationships strained and feelings of fear and violation expressed.

Despite Wise’s intentions to spark a dialogue about the Gaza war through the messages displayed with the device, his actions were deemed as a serious threat to community safety. The court’s decision reflects the balance between mental health considerations and the need to protect individuals and communities from potential harm.


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Article Title: Sydney man sentenced to 12 months in jail after planting homemade bomb outside pro-Palestinian’s house
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