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A superyacht worker named Ethan Davis is currently facing legal charges for allegedly abducting his ex-girlfriend on two occasions, displaying obsessive and controlling behavior towards her. The incidents unfolded following the end of their relationship, with court documents revealing a troubling series of events.

Davis purportedly demanded a “blood oath” from his ex-girlfriend, compelling her not to disclose details of their relationship to anyone. The situation escalated with threats, including an alleged incident where the woman was forced to cut her finger as a sign of loyalty. Additionally, Davis is accused of using intimidation tactics, such as demanding the deletion of incriminating evidence from the woman’s phone and brandishing a knife during one of the encounters.

The allegations against Davis span multiple charges related to abduction and the use of an offensive weapon. Despite these serious accusations, Davis has not yet entered a plea. The case is set to progress further, with a court appearance scheduled for June. Davis has been granted bail, with his family offering a significant surety for his release.

The disturbing nature of these allegations underscores the importance of addressing and condemning behaviors that perpetuate control, intimidation, and abuse in relationships.


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Article Title: Superyacht worker’s chilling texts to ex before alleged ‘blood oath’: court
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