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Two Sydney Swans AFLW players, Alexia Hamilton and Paige Sheppard, have been handed two-game bans for possessing an illicit substance. The players were sentenced to a 12-month conditional release order in January following an incident that occurred after the conclusion of the Swans’ AFLW season in December.

Both Hamilton and Sheppard expressed remorse and apologized for their actions, acknowledging that they had fallen short of the club’s standards and their roles as role models. The AFL is currently in the process of reviewing its illicit drugs policy in light of these incidents.

This situation resonates with similar cases in the men’s competition, where players like Jack Ginnivan and Bailey Smith faced bans and fines for drug-related issues. The incidents highlight the importance of maintaining integrity and upholding standards both on and off the field.

As the 2024 AFLW season approaches, Sheppard and Hamilton will be absent for the first two games, reflecting the consequences of their actions. These events serve as a reminder of the responsibilities that come with being professional athletes and the impact of their choices on themselves, their teammates, and their clubs.


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Article Title: AFLW Sydney Swans players Paige Sheppard and Alexia Hamilton handed conditional release orders for possessing illicit substance
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