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The tragic death of nine-year-old Charlise Mutten has led to the ongoing trial of Justin Stein, who is accused of her murder. Charlise’s body was discovered in a barrel near the Colo River area, concealed with sand and tied with bloodstained wrappings.

Court proceedings have revealed harrowing details about Charlise’s injuries, including gunshot wounds to her face and back. Recordings of phone calls played during the trial depict Mr. Stein alleging that Charlise’s mother was responsible for the shooting. However, prosecutors argue that Mr. Stein was the last person to see Charlise alive.

As the trial continues, the next session is scheduled to resume on Monday. The court and the public await further evidence and testimonies to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Charlise Mutten’s death.


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Article Title: Grim details of how Charlise Mutten’s body was found aired to jury in Justin Stein murder trial
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