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Four years ago, the decomposed body of Melbourne man Jackson Stacker was discovered in bushland near Byron Bay, with a hunting knife lodged in his chest. NSW Police initially ruled the case as suicide, but Jackson’s family suspects foul play due to inconsistencies and unusual circumstances surrounding his death.

In the period leading up to his death, Jackson’s behavior had become erratic. Despite expressing happiness to his family shortly before his disappearance, friends noted his emotional instability, which they believed could be linked to drug use. His parents also fear that Jackson may have been involved with criminal elements in Byron Bay, raising further doubts about the suicide conclusion.

Adding weight to the family’s concerns, former homicide detective Gary Jubelin has criticized the initial police investigation and suggested that Jackson’s death should be reconsidered as a potential homicide. As the family continues to seek answers, the case highlights the complexities and unresolved questions that still surround Jackson Stacker’s tragic death.


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Article Title: ‘Very afraid’: Jackson Stacker fell victim to seedy Byron Bay underbelly, family believe
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